Monday, 4 January 2016

Hi everyone
Well, it's the New Year 2016 and one of my resolutions is to re-launch the Food Tech Blog after a couple of years of non-posting, due to lack of time, motivation, and seeming lack of interest from the pupils of Queen Mary's Grammar School.
However, several of the current Year 7 boys informed me that they have been reading the last few blogs and this prompted me to consider starting it up again. One Year 7 boy has offered to help with the re-launch so that's useful! Hopefully, in time, pupils will volunteer to post articles or quizzes on this blog and that would be great!
When I logged in today, I noted that, since the original launch, thousands of people from across the world  have viewed it at some point, so I must admit that I feel rather guilty that there hasn't been much to read of late!
So, once term starts, I will announce the re-launch by way of posters around the school and notices in assemblies and then I hope to post a new blog every 2 weeks or so. There will be general chat, amusing anecdotes about things that the pupils say and do in my lessons, and then there will be interesting facts about food, and often a quiz to take part in for a prize or house points.
If anyone reading this wants to get involved with the blog in any way please come and see me.
Mrs P

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