Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Hi Guys
Mitul Patel here. 8P.  Blog Publicity Representative.
This week it's my turn to write the blog! I hope you have read the blog from last week. We have had some hits already.  No time now to enter the Chip Quiz.  A couple of Year 7's entered, but so did I and I got full marks - no cheating I promise!  So I claim the chocolate bar - those year 7's who submitted answers can still go to Mrs P for a mini mars bar as a consolation prize.
The quiz this week is totally different - a bit tricky but I bet your parents will know some of the answers - especially if they like cakes, puddings and desserts! You'll find the quiz at the bottom of the page.
Last term, in English Support lessons, some of us researched the potato.
We called the projest 'The Humble Potato' because humble is an adjective - a describing word - and here we are describing the good old spud. Synonyms for 'humble' include - modest, not - boastful, reserved.
The spud doesn't show off - it just gets on with its job Yet, it's really versatile. You can use it in lots of different recipes. Mrs P has even got a recipe from Cadbury's where you use istant mashed potato in a chocolate cake - it is a starch after all and you just use it instead of flour! We'll publish the recipe next week for you to try
Potatoes have a lot of history behind them, they are full of nutrients, are easy to grow, and so much more.
Here are a few things I found out...

The Humble Potato

1. The word for potato in French is pomme de terre and the reason why  it’s called that is because pomme means apple ,and de terre means from the ground .The meaning of pomme de terre literally means apple from the ground.
2. In the Indian culture we use potatoes in potato pukaras’s
3.         Fun Facts about potatoes
·       Brits are the third largest consumers of potatoes in Europe.  Only the Portuguese and the Irish eat more than us.
·       Fredrick Lord Woolton, once a Minister of Food, may be remembered as the most popular government minister ever. During the Second World War he declared that fish & chips were the only food not to be rationed.
 4.          2 Interesting Facts about the chip shop
A quarter of all potatoes grown in Britain are made into chips – that’s around 1.5million tonnes each year, or nearly the same weight as 125,000 full double decker buses .
  The World’s largest fish and chip portion was made in July 2011 at the Wensleydale Heifer Fayre. 

 I asked my Dad  a fact about a potato, and he told me that the potato skin has lots of vitamins, so we should always eat the skin too.
5.   Remember one thing about Spuds in Space
Did you know that in 1995, potatoes were taken into space aboard the shuttle Columbia.This is the first time that food had ever been grown in space. The experiment was to see if potatoes would grow in micro gravity like on spacecrafts. If we are to send astronauts on longer space journeys in the future they will need to grow some of their own food.  The spuds did grow, the roots grew in all directions as there was no gravity, and they grew longer and faster than the 'control' ones growing normally in a lab at the Kennedy Space Lab on earth.

There is a picture of the potato tubers growing on Columbia in 1999 below:
Mrs P googled 'spuds in space' and there were lots of other interesting web links.
A school in Idaho, some years later, were allowed to send potatoes up on the space shuttle to see if they would be able to grow on Mars They use soil that contained the same sort of stuff as would be found on the surface of Mars. The spuds did grow!
Another website showed a potato dressed as Santa that was launched into 'space' by some school children in Devon, who attached the mini Santa Shuttle to a helium weather balloon. It was up for over 2 hours at 90,000 metres, before the balloon exploded, letting the santa shuttle float back to earth attached to a parachute! It landed, appropriately in a field of Xmas trees, being grown ready for the festive season!
You can see a picture of SPUDNIK below. Read more about these things on the web for yourselves.

Sweet potato cuttings grown in an Alabama laboratory were flown aboard Columbia to test root growth in microgravity. Courtesy of NASA.   

A potato dressed as a Santa i
Now here's this week's quiz.......
The answers are Cakes, Puddings or desserts. eg. A mere thing       .answer..TRIFLE
Have a go - even if you can't answer all of them you still might win!  The prize is a Christmas selection box!
1.   Door locker, citrus fruit tart.
2.   Cooked US State
3.   American River with a silt base tart.
4    This festive roll is not for the fire
5     Dark Wooded area celebration cake.
6.    Cocoa confectionary with trainee girl guide.
7.    What you do to start a race.
8.    Sweet Ballerina.
9.    One for the 25th December.
10.  Mr Clinton's daughter with a type of hair arrangement.
11.  Granny Smith's shoe repairer.
12.  Public School shambles
13.  Espied Richard
14   Half a pair of long legged bloomers - with praise!
15.  French eat white dessert.

space by school children from Devon
Named Spudnik2 – in homage to Sputnik, the world’s first artificial satellite, launched by the Soviet Union in 1957 – the ‘spacechip’ was then tied to a helium weather balloon with a camera attached and launched from the village car park.

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space by school children from Devon
Named Spudnik2 – in homage to Sputnik, the world’s first artificial satellite, launched by the Soviet Union in 1957 – the ‘spacechip’ was then tied to a helium weather balloon with a camera attached and launched from the village car park.

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hi everyone!
Hopefully a few more of you are reading this blog, now that my representatives from yr 8 have been spreading the word about the bon-appetweet re-launch.
Each week the blog will include interesting stuff about food and healthy eating, funny anecdotes from Food Tech classes, quizzes and competitions where there will often be a prize for the winner(s).  Etc. Etc.
I will always include stuff that you yourselves come to tell me about - it might be that you have heard or read or found out something about food that is worth posting on this blog.
Mr Langton often gives me cuttings from newspapers or magazines; some recommend food programmes on the TV worth watching or some have articles on food or just good recipes. I include these in the blog.
Over the next few weeks one or two year 8's are going to have a go at writing some of the blog. Before the summer break they researched potatoes and have quite a lot of interesting things to say about them!  At the bottom of this particular blog there is a 'Chip Quiz'.  I devised it for my cub scout pack to do - we had a chip night one evening and, along with tasting a selection of chips from different shops and rating them for taste, appearance, moreish-ness, value for money etc., the cubs had a go at the quiz in teams and found it quite fun.
If you print off the quiz and write in the answers, then bring it back to me, I will give a little prize to the best entry - and it won't be a potato or a bag of chips!
This week in food tech the year 9's were busy making savoury plaits, chocolate brownies and chilli chicken with noodles.  If there is time at the end of the day's lesson we play a game called ARTICULATE. It is actually a proper board game that you can buy, but this is a Mrs Phillips version. Articulate is like a spoken version of Pictionary - when it's your turn, you have to articulate (describe verbally) the item that is on your card, and everyone else has to guess it and shout out the answer. Boys have to see if they can successfully articulate several items before the egg timer runs out of sand. You can't use any of the words on your card in your description or mime it, or do hand actions.
Could you articulate''' a CHEESE GRATER?   QUORN?    AN ELECTRIC WOK?
A MEASURING JUG?    It's harder than it seems, as the pupils are finding out!
The best competitors by far are Mrs Phillips (11 items in the time) and Mrs Wheeler, the technician who manages about the same number.  The boys usually manage about 6 or 7. I am about to think up a number of words that are verbs connected with cooking eg. beating, whisking, rolling, baking, chopping, stirring etc.
This wll give the contestants a different kind of category to articulate, and as they will all be 'doing' words rather than nouns. The temptation will be even greater to mime the action, which is dis-allowed!
I have a good book at home called CLASSIC CLASSROOM CLANGERS -  a hilarious collection of funny anecdotes from the world of education. Here are a few answers to exam questions in Home Economics/Food Tech ....

Q   How would you keep milk from going sour?
A   Leave it in the cow.

Q    What is rhubarb?
A    A kind of celery gone bloodshot.

Q    If a person is feeling ill, why should they not be serving food?
A    Because it is dangerous for deceased people to carry hot food.   

Q    Give an example of unacceptable food hygiene.
A    If you find a bird dropping on a table it's not all right to eat it.

And some quotes in homework........
If you want to be a cookery teacher you must spend a lot of time cooking yourself.
An oyster is a fish built like a nut.
If teeth are not cleaned, plague is the result.
To cook ears of corn ( fresh sweetcorn cobs ) - spread ears lightly with peanut butter. Place on grill, turning until done -about 10 minutes. Or let everyone grill his own ears, using long skewers to do so.
Keeping the food under cover is the first step towards ridding your house of aunts.

And finally, a few tips from a book called TRADE SECRETS, FOOD AND DRINK:-
*       To make onions brown more quickly when frying them, add a pinch of sugar. They also taste scrummy and slightly caramelized.
*       to make rice bright white, squeeze some lemon juice into the water while boiling
*      To stop fruit in a bowl from going mouldy, place a piece of kitchen roll in the bottom of the dish to absorb all the moisture.



No man is lonely while eating spaghetti – it requires so much attention.     Christopher Morley

I never see any home cooking.  All I get is fancy stuff.          Prince Phillip

The golden rule when reading the menu in a restaurant is, if you can’t pronounce it, you can’t afford it.          Frank Muir


1.       The most popular day of the week for eating chips is?

FRIDAY                                SATURDAY                     SUNDAY

extra mark if you can justify your answer!

2.      What percentage of the population love chips?

          57%                          70%                     87%

3      In one year we eat nearly ………………meals containing chips.    

      1 billion                   3 billion                6 billion

4.      How many chip shops are there in the UK?

          5,000                           10,000                   15,000

5.      An average portion of chips contains 686 fewer calories than

      A slice of chocolate cake           a doner kebab        a pukka pie

6.      Oven chips contain just ………………fat.

        5 %                                  10%                           3%

7.      A study has shown that …………. Chips contain more than one and a half times as much fat as thick chips, making thick chips healthier.

      Crinkle cut chips                  oven chips                     thin chips

8.      When was the first chip shop opened ?  In the ..

        1860's                               1900's                             1930's

9.      The French often eat their chips with……Chose 2 things

Mayonnaise             BBQ sauce        black pepper           vinegar

10.    ¼  of all the potatoes grown in the UK are made into chips.  This is the same weight as …………..full double decker buses.

        75.000                      125,000                  300,000

11.    Chris Verschueren from Belgium holds the world recors for the longest French Fries cooking marthon. He served 15,000 portions of chips in how many hours?

        62 hours                                         83 hours                                98 hours

12.    Chip shop chips should be cooked for an optimum of how many minutes?

       5-6 minutes                               9-10 minutes                        12-13 minutes

Work out the answers and hand them into Mrs P in the Food Tech Room, or ask your form tutor to put them in Mrs P's pigeon hole in the staff room. Don't forget to put your name and form on your answer sheet!